Welcome to ChyAnn Radio Phoenix

ChyAnn Radio is an internet radio station that will be publicly accessible online via the World Wide Web as an audio stream on a dedicated closed circuit channel. The mandate of ChyAnn Radio will have a unique sound and diverse programming and feature various types of spoken word entertainment, news shows and popular urban musical styles, such as R&B, Hip Hop, 90’s and Old School. A strong emphasis will be on promoting the work of artists and providing information related to the redevelopment as well as other news relevant to community members. Showcasing news, spoken word and music styles influenced by or associated with specific cultural ethnicities.

We are creating a media broadcasting platform in the Phoenix Community area with resources to teach the community in a more creative way. The goal is to influence the community to nurture a creative mind outside of typical activities, such as academics and sports. We also encourage community leaders to support and open the opportunities that most did not have growing up!!

Our program setup will include services such as, conducting interviews, recording and productions, promotions of community events and coordination of hosting podcast.

In partnership with Black Wall Street AZ, Dark Peace Media, Inc was incorporated in 2017. As a media consulting company, the structure is well poised to handle a wide variety of services. We have developed a wide audience giving the spotlight to community supporters and leaders.