We can’t wait to hear your music!

But more than that, we can’t wait to hear your music on ChyAnn Radio Phoenix

There are some rules, and ultimately we will decide if your music fits our format closely enough to make it on the air. Please understand, though, that we do not judge your music and if you are not selected for airplay on ChyAnn Radio Phoenix, it doesn’t mean we don’t like your music – we love all music! But we do have a format we’re sticking to. Please keep our format in mind when you submit music to ChyAnn Radio Phoenix. We will bend as best we can to get you on the air if at all possible.

Please send:
   Audio: MP3 format, properly tagged at 320 kbps or higher.
               Brief summary about single, album, mixtape

Artwork: Cover artwork in JPG format.

Bio: A short bio is preferred (Min of 200 words)
          Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Sounldcloud separately)

Please make sure all files are in ONE folder. We cannot download an album’s worth of songs separately.

Please send links to our music director:

ChyAnn Radio Phoenix reserves the right to decline submissions at the music director’s discretion.


ChyAnn Radio Phoenix receives hundreds of emails a day, many of which are spam. We will not delete emails out of hand, but if you need a specific response from us, please make sure the subject line is clear and concise — SUBMISSION or TRACKING or ARTIST DEVELOPMENT — or something along those lines. Mass emails from radio distro, labels and artists will be addressed. Even better than tracking via email, however, is checking yourself.