Host Submissions

ChyAnn Radio Phoenix will aspire to provide original programming 24/7, 365. We will strive to be an intergenerational social space for all members of the station to engage with each other and members of their constituencies. To ensure audience development, high quality broadcasts and to accomplish the above mandated activities. ChyAnn Radio Phoenix is committed to continuous volunteer recruitment and training strategies, as well as the development of a strong staff core. Our staff will strive to facilitate opportunities for mentorship between and among programmers, assist programmers in branding and promotion of their shows, train programmers in the use of social media tools, and providing regular consultation and ongoing technical production workshops.   

Please Note: If you wish to join our team and produce a show on ChyAnn Radio Phoenix you must complete this proposal. This proposal and a MP4 file sample of the broadcast must be emailed to

Dark Peace Media, Inc programming committee will then review your proposal. If there are any changes to your program you must submit updated alterations.